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2NE1’s First Anniversary!


May 17th 2010 is 2NE1′ s first year anniversary for they debuted on this day in 2009 with the song Fire part of their first mini album. Album Tracklist:

01. Fire
02. I don’t care
03. In the club
04. Let’s go party
05. Pretty Boy
06. Stay Together

2NE1 had their own little party for this joyous. They also gave a little shoutout to fans.












Fierce Leader CL was the first to post:

If I got further from your sight I would be more in your head, but would you also slowly let me into your heart? (Am I being a bit corny? keke)^^”












Then was their dorky member Dara:

“Wassap messaging friends~! It’s me, ssantoki (meaning mountain rabbit with ’ssan’ being the pun of her first name)! ^.^ ke Thank you for being my friends and not leaving me alone for a year. Let’s continue to do so~! You will~right?!↗Promise!^^ We all congratulate this one year anniversary~! I heart~!^^;kyah! Embarrassing~!”












Then was the oldest (and craziest) Bom:

“Has it already been a year?? Oh~~~Freaking fast (crying emoticon) We’ve had a lot of happy, sad and heartfelt moments…and like that the year goes bye~~ I feel a bit wishy washy because it’s gone by (crying emoticon) But from now on it’s only the start so let’s have some fun and play~~~ kekeke fighting *^^*”












And of course, makenae Minzy:

“Everyone of you has filled our year with happiness because of your interest and love towards 2NE1~^^ I thank you very much and I ask that you take even greater interest~ keke Fighting fighting yayaya!!”

It seems like their really having fun through the hard times rehearsing this pass year and made it through with each other’s support.

And here’s a little interview regarding their first birthday (:


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