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DBSK’s Best Selections 2010


DBSK released a japanese album including the biggest hits in japan called Best Selections 2010. The album was a great success because within 3 months, the album sold around 1.25 billion dollars! And now, they don’t even have to split the money with SMentertainment. I hope DBSK wins the lawsuit with SMentertainment (: I, too, brought myself one to support my oppas (:

And here is the 2010 calender from the same photoshoot as well :


You’re Beautiful’s Pig-Rabbit


The Pig-Rabbit seen on the 3rd most popular drama on mysoju called You’re Beautiful starring Park ShinHye, Jang GeunSuk, Lee HongKi of FT Island and Jung YongHwa of CN Blue is available to many fans of the drama all over the internet. Just yesterday, I found the Pig-Rabbit on sale at a local mall for $25.75 when normally on the internet, the Pig-Rabbit or Dwe-Joo-Toe-Kee is around $40 – $70 plus shipping and handling. Here are some pictures of  my cheaper Dwe-Joo-Toe-Kee:






























Here’s a package of the whole series all in english subs (:

2NE1’s First Anniversary!


May 17th 2010 is 2NE1′ s first year anniversary for they debuted on this day in 2009 with the song Fire part of their first mini album. Album Tracklist:

01. Fire
02. I don’t care
03. In the club
04. Let’s go party
05. Pretty Boy
06. Stay Together

2NE1 had their own little party for this joyous. They also gave a little shoutout to fans.












Fierce Leader CL was the first to post:

If I got further from your sight I would be more in your head, but would you also slowly let me into your heart? (Am I being a bit corny? keke)^^”












Then was their dorky member Dara:

“Wassap messaging friends~! It’s me, ssantoki (meaning mountain rabbit with ’ssan’ being the pun of her first name)! ^.^ ke Thank you for being my friends and not leaving me alone for a year. Let’s continue to do so~! You will~right?!↗Promise!^^ We all congratulate this one year anniversary~! I heart~!^^;kyah! Embarrassing~!”












Then was the oldest (and craziest) Bom:

“Has it already been a year?? Oh~~~Freaking fast (crying emoticon) We’ve had a lot of happy, sad and heartfelt moments…and like that the year goes bye~~ I feel a bit wishy washy because it’s gone by (crying emoticon) But from now on it’s only the start so let’s have some fun and play~~~ kekeke fighting *^^*”












And of course, makenae Minzy:

“Everyone of you has filled our year with happiness because of your interest and love towards 2NE1~^^ I thank you very much and I ask that you take even greater interest~ keke Fighting fighting yayaya!!”

It seems like their really having fun through the hard times rehearsing this pass year and made it through with each other’s support.

And here’s a little interview regarding their first birthday (:


BigBang and Kim Yuna ‘Shouting Korea’


As most of you know, BigBang and Kim Yuna are working together with Hyundai for The Shouts of Korea (Shouting Korea) campaign. They will record a song and MV together and also, Hyundai is releasing a story done by BigBang and Kim Yuna.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

They even did a Shouting Korea Dance tutorial (:

BigBang Look a likes (:
































































































But no matter how much they look alike or how much look a likes there are, there will still be only one Jiyong, TOP, SeungRi,Daesung and YoungBae ❤

2NE1 Member’s Profile












Lee Chae Rin

Stage Name: CL
Position: Leader, Lead Rap, Vocal
Date of birth: 26th February 1991
Height: 162 cm
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Writing Lyrics, drawing











Sandara Park

Stage Name: Dara
Position: Vocalist, fresh voice/sweet voice
Date of birth: 12th November 1984
Height: 162 cm
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Listening to music, surfing internet











Park Bom Lee

Stage name: Bom/ParkBom
Position: Main Vocalist
Date of birth: 24th March 1984
Height: 165 cm
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Listening to music, singing











Gong MinJi

Stage name: Minzy
Postion: Magnae,vocalist,rapper
Date of birth: 18th January 1994
Height: 152 cm
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Dancing

Ss501 Member’s Profile












Name : Kim Hyun Joong
Nickname : Leader, 4D Shillang
Birthdate : June 6th, 1986Star Sign : Gemini
Physique : 180cm, 68kg
Blood Type : B
Education : Graduated from Hanyang Industrial High School, Kyonggi University
Hobbies : Swimming, weight training, basketball, soccer
Talents : Playing the guitar, piano, dancing, acting











Name : Kim Kyu Jong
Nickname : Gorilla
Birthdate : February 24th, 1987
Star Sign : Pisces
Physique : 181cm, 65kg
Blood Type : A
Education : Department of Popular Music, Baekje Arts College
Hobbies : Listening to music, basketball, reading
Talent : Performing magic
Motto : Challenge and don’t have regrets.











Name : Park Jung Min
Nickname : Horse, Sexy Charisma
Birthdate : April 3rd, 1987 (22 years)
Star Sign : Aries
Physique : 181cm, 67kg
Blood Type : O
Education : High school affiliated to Dankook University
Hobby : Writing lyrics
Talents : Tap dancing, rock climbing
Motto : Be always grateful.












Name : Heo Young Saeng
Nickname : Shy Prince
Birthdate : November 3rd, 1986 (23 years)
Star Sign : Scorpio
Physique : 178cm, 63kg
Blood Type : O
Education : Graduated from Hyundai High School
Hobbies : Computer games, basketball, listening to music
Talent : Playing the piano
Motto : Don’t look behind after doing your best.











Name : Kim Hyung Joon
Nickname : Baby
Birthdate : August 3rd, 1987 (22 years)
Star Sign : Leo
Physique : 181cm, 66kg
Blood Type : O
Education : High school affiliated to Dankook University
Hobbies : Computer games, weight training, listening to music
Talents : Swimming, dancing
Motto : Walk and walk.